Deco SA

Dark Grey Teepee

Regular price R 1,300

Can you wash them? 

Our Teepees are also 100% washable as opposed to some others who are not detachable from the Teepee poles and have to be spot washed. Nothing in my life has ever been spot washed. A gentle hand wash of the Base material and voila – brand new. This means that the dirt from outside play doesn’t have to come inside. Slide the poles in and tie the ties as instructed. 2 minutes.


1,5m high (apex height excluding poles). When folded up the poles are 1,8m high. Width at the Maximum is generally the same as most others on the market but come in at 3cm more than the average at 1,3m. So our Teepees are 50% higher. That’s a lot when you’re a small human. That’s a lot of headroom. 50% more headroom.

How do I tie My Tiny Teepee?

Take the four ties and  distribute them evenly – One on each of the four sides. Then push the poles all the way into the material and tense the tie and start intertwining each individual tie around each pole. Repeat this with all Four – Around the pole and through and around the next pole and through pulling down each time. Like lacing. Remember to push the teepee into a perfect square before securing. It’s should now be a rigid square.